Newton Waniba

Newton C. W. Waniba is married to Reida Nelson. Together they have five children and reside in Juba, South Sudan. 

His journey of entrepreneurship started well before 2010 when WADS Company Limited was incorporated. The lack of resources that necessiated families to survive on subsistence agriculture, political wars that displaced border communities in Sudan and Uganda resulting in a subsequent delay in education leading to unemployment and financial and societal vulnerability formed a perfect cocktail of reasons to venture into entrepreneurship, and he made a success of it. 

Now Newton has more than 15 years of working experience in the areas of  educational administration and company management. Over the years he was involved with various aspects of business such as planning, management, training, monitoring and evaluation.  Newton has also voluntarily worked with the Yei Area Board of Sudan Pentecostal Church Education Department where they achieved first of its kind in SPC a comprehensive Education Policy to better establish and run church schools.

Newton is the CEO of WADS Company Limited and Chairperson of the Board Of Directors NCDO (National Christian Development Organization) working in Sudan and South Sudan. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of South Sudan Public Procurement and Disposal of Assets Authority (SS PPDAA) appointed by the President and Deputy Chairman of the Association of South Sudanese Contractors.

Newton holds a Bachelor of Education Science from the Kampala International University (KUI), Uganda.

Joseph Lagu Abada

Joseph has a heart and love for communities, more so the upliptment and strengthening of communities. He worked as a water engineer with international aid-agencies in South Sudan. He is a co-founder of the Christian Agenda for Development, a local aid organisation, then worked as the operational manager and currently serves on the Board of Directors.

He is also a  Board member of the Centre for Democarcy and Development,  a civil society organisation.

His love, care and service goes beyond business and development, he serves as an assistant pastor at the Sudan Pentecostal Church-Akel Roho local Church in Juba.

Joseph holds a Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education (Civil & Building) Engineering degree from the Ndejje University, Kampala Campus-Uganda.

He is married to Tabu Lillian Samuel and together they have three boys.  Due to the civil war in South Sudan, his family  moved to Uganad in 2016, but in 2023 they made the bold decision to move back with their entire family to, Yei in South Sudan 



Malish Martin Ramba

Newton C. W. Waniba is married to Reida Nelson. Together they have five children and reside in Juba, South Sudan.




1. Promoting, equipping and supporting income generating activities for women & youth.

2. Advocating for  the individual rights of entrepreneurs to live without stigma

3. Promoting and encouraging environmental conservation, through environmental education and participating in different environmental projects and agriculture.


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