An International Business Community Working For Sustainable Change

Our Story

In 2014, a group of Swedish entrepreneurs and individuals got this “crazy” idea to invite African business leaders to Sweden for a business event in January, the coldest month in Sweden, the Swedish Winter Challenge was born.

Soon after we recognized the need and demand for creating something bigger, reaching beyond this yearly business event. So, in 2015 the Sustainable World Corporation (SWCorp), a professional business network that allows for all our partners from Sweden and Africa alike to come together and collaborate, was founded. 

The year 2024 will be the 10th year of this annual event and we’ve decided to move it to Africa. Our first host country is South Africa, and of course January is at the hight of summer down south, so therefore the name change to Sustainabe World Challenge 2024.


“Thriving Communities”

Transformed sustainable African Communities. 


“Thriving Entrepreneurs”

To empower entrepreneurs who are agents for sustainable change by creating opportunities for sustainable growth.


Be the transformation you want to see”

To be instrumental in the transformation into sustainable thriving communities.


We use facilitation, coaching, and mentoring as our premier way of growing our SWCorp Ecosystem.

What we do

Awareness & Access

We provide awareness of and access to African and the Swedish markets through a well developed and professional value-driven international network.

Disruptive Business Development

We engage in disruptive business development within the following sectors: agriculture, education and internet connectivity.

Sustainable Development

We define sustainable development according to the Doughnt Economy: within the planetary boundaries where people and communities thrive and reach their potential.

Strategic Partnership Building

Strong strategic relationships are core to who we are and what we want to achieve. We prepare, initiate and follow-up on the partnerships we establish within our neyworks and beyond. 

Business Incubation & Acceleration

The health and sustainability of businesses are extremely important to us. In some countries we have business incubationa dn acceleration services to ensure healthy and strong business partners.

Business Events

In the various countries throughout the year we host different business events where we share new product developments, we meet new potential partners and we grow our network.

Research Circles

Research is a critical component in sustainable development. We initiate and participate in several international research circles covering topics such as family business, youth entrepreneurship and African Leadership

Leadership Development

In partnership with the Prowess Leadership Institute, we have a strong focus on leadership development in Africa. Leadership training, mentoring and coaching is the backbone of our sucess throughout our networks.

Internship Opportunities

As opportunity arises, we welcome students to work with us in growing our networks. Opportunities in the past have included, research, communication, digital marketing. If you’re a student interested in sustainable development, contact us.

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