In 2014, a group of Swedish entrepreneurs and individuals got this “crazy” idea to invite African business leaders to Sweden for a business event in January, the coldest month in Sweden, the Swedish Winter Challenge was born. Since then  the Swedish Winter Challenge became an annual event.  In 2021, due to international travel restrictions, the Swedish Winter Challenge moved to an online platform, the spirit and effectiveness of the programme remained. 2024 will be the 10th year of this annual event and we’ve decided to move it to Africa. Our first host country is South Africa, and of course January is at the hight of summer down south, so therefore the name change to Sustainabe World Challenge 2024.  

What is the Sustainable World Challenge?

It is an annual  4 day business event in January. The event has a threefold purpose:
Individual, Business and Partnership Development
It happens through our Facilitative Leadership Training, individual and business exposure to Swedish companies connected to various sectors, and participation in an international business forum.

Why a Sustainable World Challenge?

The purpose of  this annual event is to build an international ecosystem for value driven, sustainable business development. At the event we get to collaborativly shape a transformative business culture, impacting businesses and communities in Africa and beyond.

For whom is the Sustainable World Challenge?

The participants are typically entrepreneurs, community leaders and officials, with a desire to lead transformation in the countries where they live using sustainbale businesses.

It is an international event, with a deliberate focus on African countries in some way or another collaborating with Sweden. 

The Programme Elements

Authentic Leadership Training

This is presented by the Prowess Leadership Institute . In essence  the training is to train up mentors and coaches in the workplace. It enables mentors with the relevant tools and approaches to equip business leaders and managers to lead their teams in a righteous way. 

Business Workshops

Each year we survey our network to determine the relevant topics to address in our business workshops. Then we go find the experts in the network to come and present and so empower the participants. 

International Business Forum

Creating a safe  and highly engaging space to introduce entrepreneurs and their businesses to the participants.  This is where businesses get the opportnity to present themselves and seek out potential international partnerships. 


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